Caseco Shock Express Phone Case for Galaxy Note Edge

christineshockexpressThis phone case is amazing, check out the video and all links are in the description bar..xoxo Can I just tell you this is the most amazing case I have ever had. Don’t buy the cheap but not cheap ones they sell you at the cell phone store! Shop for all your cell phone needs. Watch the videos for specifics on this case, you will be amazed!

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TuneZip Review

tzvictor2Earbuds are meant to deliver audio in an accurate, and supposedly a portable way. Most companies tend to focus moreover on audio rather than portability, but a Canadian company known as Caseco is here to change things with their new earbuds, the Caseco TuneZip. The name of these earbuds describe their unique functionality, which is being able to zip up the two cables, providing astonishing portability. Furthermore, the cable of these earbuds are engineered to provide you with a tangle free experience. I mean, I literally had these earbuds sitting in my pockets for hours, and when I was ready to use them, they still weren’t tangled. Moving on, the TuneZip provides an enjoyable listening experience with great comfort. In addition, the built-in volume slider is very distinct. Instead of adjusting the volume from your phone, it’s instead adjusted from the ear-buds themselves, meaning it will work every time. In conclusion this is a great pair of earbuds compared to some of the higher end competitors.

Shock Express Review

nexus-5-seI got my Caseco Shock Express about 4 weeks back. I got it simply because I liked the color, as every other case in stores was black. Over the next couple weeks I was amazed at the abuse that the case took. I drop my phone very frequently, on pretty much every kind of surface – pavement, concrete, tiles, hardwood, etc. – and it survives undamaged every time. The back of the case is made of thick glossy plastic which is very sturdy but it does pick up scratches after a long period of use. I feel the price is reasonable too so I just get a new one whenever I think it’s too scratched and then I can change it up with a different colour. In the end, the protection this case gives far outweighs the negatives of the scratches. Caseco also seems to have resolved a few issues I noticed with the other Nexus 5 cases. On previous cases, the rubber around the screen would start to peel or flake after a few months but that hasn’t happened to my Caseco Nexus 5 case yet. So although it still gets scratches, I see improvements over other competing cases. Overall, this is an awesome case that provides excellent protection without as much bulk as other Nexus 5 cases.

Get the Shock Express at [Nexus 5 edition]

Caseco on CTV Morning News

Tech blogger Erin Lawrence ( has appeared on CTV Calgary’s Tech Talk to show off our ID Wallet case!

From Erin’s blog:

I love featuring Canadian companies whenever possible. I was recently contacted by Caseco and they let me now about some of their versatile and beautiful leather-look exterior, suede interior cases. I liked the ID Wallet case, with small window and mirror. Chic and handy. When the folio cover is closed, the phone can be unlocked to show time or screen calls through the window, and when dark, the window can be used as a mirror.

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Core 360 Review

taiga_core360_4This is the the Caseco Core 360. They claim that it’s the smallest car mount but I will get into that later.

They came nicely packaged and it was also presented nicely. Inside the flap, there’s few features listed like 360 degrees joint and removable adhesive. Anyways, when you open the box, you are greeted with the user manual. Inside, it shows you the steps to install the car mount. But you don’t really need it since you just need common sense to install the car mount

Also they include two metal rings, which will be attached to the back of your phone, and they include an extra adhesive for the car mount itself.

taiga_core360_2Taking a look at the car mount, it’s extremely tiny. Compared to my palm, it really looks miniscule. They say that it’s the world’s smallest car mount and I don’t see why not it wouldn’t. But it’s built like a tank. It’s made completely out of metal and there is no cheap plastic to be seen. So it actually feels quite dense weighing at 18 grams.

taiga_core360_1So the way you attach it to your phone is by using neodymium magnets which is the metal rings. They include two, like I said before so you will have an extra one to use it later You simply peel off the paper cover on the metal plate and you stick it on to your phone or your case. I recommend doing it on the case, since it might damage your phone even though when you peel it off, it leaves no residue.

Then you simply just attach it to the corresponding part on the car mount.

They hold to each other extremely well. Even shaking the car mount won’t do anything to the phone whatsoever. They claim that they can be used with any device up to 1.3 pounds and that technically means you can even use it for your iPad.

taiga_core360_3The car mount is also rotatable full 360 degrees which is really awesome. You can position this in your car anyway you want, which I think is really useful and it’s one of the features that makes it stand out compared to the rest.

After that, you just remove the red plastic tab covering on the Core 360 adhesive backing. Then by holding it down for a few seconds, you just attach that to any place you desire. That’s basically it! It’s a really hassle free process like other car mounts

Also, you can remove the car mount and reuse it for a few more times before having to replace the adhesive, which is also a cool neat feature.

I don’t really drive yet, so it will be mainly used for my dad, but he says that it is really useful when you are driving since you can do hands free call, look at the map and so much more.

So, I actually had no complaints on this whatsoever, but it’s probably because it’s just a car mount. I mean, what can be a major drawback. Anyways, this product was actually really awesome.

The Perfect iPhone Car Accessories? CaseCo Core 360 & Power Beacon Review

Tech reviewer Mobile Reviews Eh has done a great review of our Core 360! From the article:

Today we’re going to review two car accessories made by CaseCo. A minimalistic car mount and a portable battery pack that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. If you’ve been watching our channel for the last while, you’ll know that CaseCo sent us a big box of stuff and we’ve been pretty impressed with their products.

The car mount, the Core 360 is quite unique and offers a car mounting solution with minimal bulk. There are a couple of things that you’re going to have to deal with but generally it works really well and the Power Beacon, a portable charing/battery pack is actually quite useful and would be a perfect gift for any road warrior. Both of these accessories would be perfect for any road warrior.

Based on our time with these accessories, we give them two thumbs up. We’d give them number ratings but since we don’t have a baseline for car mounts and external battery packs yet, we’re just going to stick with our thumbs up rating system.


Cool new personal tech ideas for Valentine’s Day

*Steve Makris is a technology expert who does a Tech Talk segment during Edmonton’s Sunday Morning News. You can watch his segment above.

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means I’ve been inundated with gift suggestions for your significant other.

Rather than showing off the latest and greatest big dollar items such as 4K TVs, tablets or smartphones, how about a few ideas on small, new personal technology items for the person you most care about? That includes yourself!

Smartphone cases that go beyond


Ventev Powercell 3015 3000 mAh portable battery while Ventev regen heals scratches

The following products can also be found online at or the listed sites and can still be shipped in time for Valentine’s Day.

The regen from, $24.99, for iPhone 6 or Plus is a low profile transparent snap-on case with self-healing micro filling technology that makes scratches disappear. This invisible barrier removes most scratches from the case within minutes.

Credit card storage and a folding movie stand feature makes the Ventev penna wallet, $34.99, for iPhone 6 plus a classy, genuine outer leather, all-round protection case.


Keep your phone running twice as long with the Resurgence, $99, now available for the iPhone 6 with full 2,600 mAh battery power, which provides a full additional charge. Resurgence is made up of a specially formulated polycarbonate to improve impact resistance and absorb energy from drops and bumps. A two-piece snap design simplifies assembly. It is drop proof from four feet on all faces, edges and corners.

The Lychee wallet case from Kelowna-based for iPhone 6, $29.99, doubles as a wallet featuring two card slots and a money holder so you can leave the bulk at home. It’s easy to take off or put back on and it gives you access to your speakers and ports, such as volume, camera, charging and earphone jack. It’s available at, and soon at and for folks who want to feel before they buy.


Canadian Caseco thin Codex 360 vertical and horizontal stand and ID Wallet for cash and credit cards

Also all-Canadian, Toronto-based offers unique functionality in new cases like the Codex 360, $29.99, an ultrathin flip case that becomes an adjustable-angle vertical or horizontal stand. It closes tight, magnetically protecting your iPhone from all angles. It’s also available for the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. Caseco products are available in Canadian specialty mobile stores and on It should be noted that Caseco does no plan price increases despite the unfavourable Canadian exchange rate.

The Caseco ID Wallet Folio, $39.99, has two card slots in its suede interior. When the folio cover is closed, the phone can be unlocked to show time or weather through the window, and becomes a mirror when the phone is off. It is available for the iPhone 6 and Plus.

Phone accessories


The Core 360 from Caseco is small sturdy and leaves no stain from car and phone mounts

One of the smallest, quality-built car mounts from, the Core 360, $49.99, uses removable stain-free adhesive to mount its steel ball base on your car’s dashboard. It magnetically holds a small washer adhered on the back of your phone which still fits in cases. It is easily adjustable, rock solid over bumps and comes with an extra phone washer ring and adhesive. Smart!


Tangle-free Caseco TuneZip with extra bass and noise cancellation

Caseco also makes the TuneZip tangle-free noise cancelling and bass-boosted earbuds, $39.99, in red or white. The adjustable cords. with built-in mic and mute, literally zip the two earbuds together for tangle-free storage.


Caseco wireless Bluetooth Blu – Toque with built-in speakers comes in two styles and is washable

The second edition Bluetooth wireless Blu-Toque, $49.99, from comes in slouchy and regular fit and features two built-in wireless headphones. The dual-layerd synthetic wool beanie comes in five colour designs and charges up to two hours. Just unzip the inner pouch for removing the speakers and toss the Blu-Toque in the wash for cleaning. The Blu-Toque also talks to you to let you know when it is on or needs charging.

Want privacy? The Alpha Glass, $29.95 – $49.95, from protects your privacy by limiting the angle of view from folks next to you. It’s also anti-shatter/scratch and easy to put on. It’s available for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3 and Nexus 6.

Small portable battery chargers

A two-in-one wall charger plus built-in 3,000 mAh backup battery makes the mobile power, $49.99, from a perfect space-saving gift. Its 12,000 mAh dual USB Mobile Power Bank, $74.99, is ideal for long trips for charging your phone four times or more. Nice.


Ventev Powercell 3015 Caseco Power Beacon and Farbe Technik mobile power feature 3000 mAh batteries

The Caseco Power Beacon, $39.99, also packs a car outlet rechargeable 3,000 mAh battery, a USB out for charging devices and an LED light in a small package.

Ventev’s powercell 3015, $34.99, is slightly larger than a credit card and thinner than most phones with enough power to add 12.5 additional talk time hours on any phone from its 3,000 mAh Li-ion Polymer cell.

Fitness for two


Garmin Vivosmart receives notifications and shows active health stats while on the go

The sleek Garmin Vivosmart, $175.99 at Sport Chek, comes in large and small size for him and her. It features an invisible display that comes to life when you get a text or mail notification, or when you give the band a tap. The OLED display shines through the band to reveal your steps, distance travelled, calories burned, time of day and more. The optional heart rate monitor kit version $199, can be shared between the two devices. It works with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.


The tiny but powerful Sonos Play:1 is a wireless WiFi speaker, part of the unquestionably best designed and performance Sonos speaker system. You can build your audio system with an array of Sonos speaker sizes including Sound Bar and Bass and control each speaker, or group of speakers, in your WiFi-enabled home from an iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC. Sonos supports 29 streaming music services including Songza, Spotify and Google Play Music. You can also check out the Valentine play list from Rdio. Sonos is not cheap but it has been around for a long time and proudly boasts that its first speakers still work in homes today.


Our giveaway Sonos powerful Play 1 WiFi speaker and Google pure Lollipop OS Nexus 6 phablet

The Nexus 6 phablet smartphone in midnight Blue oozes style and class with its 6-inch AMOLED 1440×2560 brilliant touch screen. Made by Motorola Mobility, with 32 GB memory, the slim phone features the newest Lollipop Android 5.0 OS, which as in previous Nexus lines, is in its pure form unhampered by phone makers extra app features. Its long battery life and turbo charger mode keeps your mobile life active with 24-hour talk and 330-hour standby. It has a sharp 12 MP camera and a front 2 MP selfie. Its large selection of frequencies allow it to work outside Canada and it comes unlocked.

Phone trends for 2015 – BYOD is here to stay

Personal smartphones are the tool of choice for keeping in touch with friends, news and entertainment.

What about work? That’s changing too, as more companies are letting their employees bring their personal devices to work. The “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend is expected to become even more popular as a long-standing confrontational BYOD relationship between employee and employer is changing to a win-win affair.

A recent 12-country Intel-commissioned study by MSI Research found 78 per cent of respondents use personal devices for work-related activities and 65 per cent of respondents feel IT is responsible for protecting personal data on work devices.

“Historically, people have wanted to bring their phone to work, connect to the network and get their corporate email on the phone, but haven’t wanted corporate to have any control over that,” said Simon Hunt, CTO of End Point Security with Intel.

“It used to be ‘stay away from my phone’ to ‘OK, you can protect my phone, that’s good for you and good for me.’ Having a willing IT department and willing user makes things so much easier,” he said.

Seventy-five per cent of Canadian and US workers who responded to the survey say personal, confidential or private activity conducted at work is considered sensitive to somebody. This shows North American workers are more sensitive to privacy issues than their counterparts in the other 10 countries surveyed, who reported lower percentages.

Hunt said the majority of BYOD users want to be more productive at work.

“Users are not evil, they are trying to be better,” he said, adding that the least prepared for BYOD are the companies who think they can stop it.

“BYOD is happening, so get on board, mitigate and try to reduce the risks,” he said.

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Steve co-hosts a live weekly Tech Talk segment on GlobalTV Monday and Sunday Morning News, accompanied by blog posts. Steve also contributes technology features to as well as Postmedia. Follow Steve’s personal blog on more technology at

3 Cool Gadgets for Teen Guys

For the teen guy who just loves cool gadgets, Caseco serves up three must-have items just for you. From high tech back packs to sociable headphones to USB turntables, Caseco highlights three cutting-edge gadgets for teen guys.

The trend has no sign of slowing down and below Casceo highlights three of the coolest gadgets we believe teen girls will loose sleep for.


TYLT Energi+ Backpack

TYLT Energi+ Backpack

The innovative TYLT Energi+ Backpack is perfect for the student on-the-go as it doubles down as a mobile charging station.

The powerful 10,400 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 4 smartphone charges or 1 full tablet charge.

The backpack is practical with an internal space of over 1,450 cubic inches and a total of 13 pockets.

The TYLT Energi+ Backpack retails for $169.99 and is available on the official Shop Tylt website.

Buy Now at

Aqua Flex Waterproof Earphones


For the music-lover on quest for a pair of earphones that both pumps music and takes calls like a champ, these Aqua Flex waterproof earphones sure shades all the boxes. Its form-fitting frame helps custom wrap around a wide variety of ear sizes, making it easy to share music with your friends and family. Better yet, its built-in microphone helps on-the-go users make and take important calls on any whim, hands free. The Aqua Flex currently retails for $49.99.

Buy Now

Crosley’s Keepsake Portable USB Turntable

Crosley's Keepsake Portable USB Turntable

The Crosley’s Keepsake Portable USB Turntable is the perfect gadget for any vinyl lover. Enjoy your favorite records on its 3-speed turntables for that warm and full sound you crave. The Crosley Keepsake is also able to convert your old vinyl to digital audio via USB port to PC/MAC, enabling you to enjoy your record collection anytime, anywhere. The Crosley Keepsake Portable USB Turntable retails for $159.95 and is available on the official Crosley Radio website.

Buy Now at


And there you go folks, Caseco’s top three gadgets for teen boys on the market today. If you think you can add one or more gadgets to our list, leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page. Until next post!

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3 Cool Gadgets for Teen Girls

Yes, it’s no surprise teen girls love gadgets. A recent Australian study discovered that over 50 per cent of third and fourth year high school students weren’t getting enough sleep because of playing video games, listening to music on their iPod, watching TV, or chatting on their cell phones.

The trend has no sign of slowing down and below Casceo highlights three of the coolest gadgets we believe teen girls will loose sleep for.


Shutter-Bean Mobile Camera Controller

Shutter-Bean Yellow

Take real-time photography to new heights with this remote control Shutter-Bean for iOS and Android. With Shutter-Bean, solo and group selfies are effortless. Its bluetooth 3.0 functionality acts as a remote control for your smartphone cam, allowing you to snap photos from up to 10-metres away wirelessly. Ideal for both personal gatherings at home and solo treks abroad, the Shutter-Bean is a must-have accessory retailing for $19.99.

Buy Now at

The Siren Ring

The Siren Ring

The Siren Ring is an elegant piece of jewelry that also acts as a personal safety device. With one twist of the gemstone, this ring emits an extremely loud and startling alarm. The Siren Ring features a 110-decibel alarm designed to frighten your attacker and can be heard from 50 feet away, offering you a quick chance to escape and alert others. The Siren Ring is available in both gold and silver, with three different gorgeous gemstone choices: aventurine, carnelian, and labradorite.

The Siren Ring retails for $249.00 on the official Siren Ring website.

Buy Now

LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer

LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer

Meet your smartphone’s new BFF, the LG Pocket Photo Printer. Here you can edit photos using fun frames and filters with the Pocket Photo App. All you have to do is send the Pocket Photo Printer via bluetooth and voila — your favourite pictures are printed and are ready to go. No ink cartridges are required as the Pocket Photo Printer uses Zink photo paper 2.0 to print out high-quality images. The LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer retails for $159.99 and is available on the official Frys website.

Buy Now


From selfie kits to siren rings to new pocket photo-printing smartphone BFFs, Caseco highlights our favourite gadgets we believe every teen girl should own. If you feel we missed out on your favourite teen gadget, leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page.

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5 Useful Smartphone Apps You’re Probably Not Using But Should

Did you know? smartphone users spend an average 86% of their smartphone usage operating mobile apps. And out of the average 86%, the majority of user time spent was on connecting to applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You know, the usual suspects… And beyond your popular go-to applications (believe it or not), lay other possibilities: Caseco highlights our favourite five.

Ready? Let’s go…

CamDictionary On iTunes and Google Play

CamDictionary App

Never find yourself lost in translation with CamDictionary, a translating app that helps you translate foreign text with your mobile camera.

Its easy-to-use functionality allows you to hover your camera over any text for translation of up to 37 different languages. For those who love to type, simply type in any compatible text to receive instant translation as well.

CamDictionary features English; Chinese; French; German; Japanese; Korean to just to name a few languages and retails for $4.99 on iTunes.

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Evernote Food

EverNote Food App

If you’re a foodie, you’re going to love this food app. Evernote Food is a dynamic journal-style application that allows you to explore and save new recipes, discover new restaurants, and log favourite dining experiences. Better yet, Evernote Food intuitively suggests what you can eat and how much for health-conscious individuals. The Evernote Food app is free and available on iTunes

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

ANA Takeoff Mode

ANA Takeoff Mode App

If you’re one of the 72% of U.S airline passengers who experience anxiety when flying, download the ANA Takeoff Mode app. Why? ANA Takeoff Mode helps you shift your attention away from flying; making your flying experience that much more tolerable. The simple yet attention-absorbing game also features soothing music to ease your nerves. The ANA Takeoff Mode app is available on iTunes.

Download on iTunes

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard App

Improve your typing speed with Fleksy, the ‘world’s fastest keyboard.’ The Fleksy Keyboard makes typing a breeze, featuring a must-experience auto correct and speedy swiping gesture functionality; helping you correct, delete, and find the right words.

Fleksy also allows you to customize the keyboard according to your fingers and comfort. The app also offers tons of colourful themes, GIFS, and emojis. The Fleksy Keyboard app is available for $0.99 at iTunes and Google Play.

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera App

No longer will vertical videos be a pain in the neck to watch. The Horizon Camera app allows you to shoot landscape-style videos regardless of angle filmed. It works in conjunction with your device’s gyroscope to auto-level videos; keeping a horizontal focus while filming and watching.

The Horizon app is available for $2.29 on iTunes and Google Play.


And there you have it folks: five useful smartphone apps that you’re probably not using but should. If you think you can beat our top five, send us a message below, we’re always looking for new and cool prospects.

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