Christmas Apps to get you in the Spirit!

There’s an app for just about everything these days – including Christmas.
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There’s a popular app that turns your family and friends into goofy looking elves complete with a hilarious video of them dancing that you can share with the world. There’s even an app that allows your children to track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. We have rounded up some of the best Christmas apps to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Google Santa Tracker (Free)

Google’s Santa Tracker is much more than your average tracker, you can use the app everyday during the weeks leading up to christmas as a hub for festive activities. Called Santa’s Village, you can test the weather conditions with Rudolph, help the elves prep and learn about holiday traditions like kallikantzari–little creatures that eat Christmas cookies.

NORAD Tracks Santa (Free)


Use this app to follow and track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. The app teaches you about the NORAD program and its mission, you can also play the Thin Ice game where you help Santa’s elves deliver presents.

The Elf Adventure: A Christmas Story for Kids ($0.99)

This popular app is an advent calendar, Christmas countdown clock and a storybook-game in which you help the elves save Christmas. There are 24 episodes and a new game to play everyday.

Elf Yourself (Free)


By now this app has become a Christmas classic, with new features and dances added every year. You upload up to five photos of yourself, family and friends then select a dance theme and it generates a video featuring your photos superimposed onto holiday dancing elves.

Talking Santa (Free)


This app is pretty straightforward; speak into your device’s microphone and Santa repeats your words, includes other characters like the talking tom and friends and you can even create 3D video greetings and Christmas cards.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas ($3.99)


This interactive book app gives you three options: Read it Myself, Read to Me, or Auto Play. All options come with highlighted narration and include sounds and images from the animated classic.

3 Cool Gadgets for Teen Guys

For the teen guy who just loves cool gadgets, Caseco serves up three must-have items just for you. From high tech back packs to sociable headphones to USB turntables, Caseco highlights three cutting-edge gadgets for teen guys.

The trend has no sign of slowing down and below Casceo highlights three of the coolest gadgets we believe teen girls will loose sleep for.


TYLT Energi+ Backpack

TYLT Energi+ Backpack

The innovative TYLT Energi+ Backpack is perfect for the student on-the-go as it doubles down as a mobile charging station.

The powerful 10,400 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 4 smartphone charges or 1 full tablet charge.

The backpack is practical with an internal space of over 1,450 cubic inches and a total of 13 pockets.

The TYLT Energi+ Backpack retails for $169.99 and is available on the official Shop Tylt website.

Buy Now at

Aqua Flex Waterproof Earphones


For the music-lover on quest for a pair of earphones that both pumps music and takes calls like a champ, these Aqua Flex waterproof earphones sure shades all the boxes. Its form-fitting frame helps custom wrap around a wide variety of ear sizes, making it easy to share music with your friends and family. Better yet, its built-in microphone helps on-the-go users make and take important calls on any whim, hands free. The Aqua Flex currently retails for $49.99.

Buy Now

Crosley’s Keepsake Portable USB Turntable

Crosley's Keepsake Portable USB Turntable

The Crosley’s Keepsake Portable USB Turntable is the perfect gadget for any vinyl lover. Enjoy your favorite records on its 3-speed turntables for that warm and full sound you crave. The Crosley Keepsake is also able to convert your old vinyl to digital audio via USB port to PC/MAC, enabling you to enjoy your record collection anytime, anywhere. The Crosley Keepsake Portable USB Turntable retails for $159.95 and is available on the official Crosley Radio website.

Buy Now at


And there you go folks, Caseco’s top three gadgets for teen boys on the market today. If you think you can add one or more gadgets to our list, leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page. Until next post!

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3 Cool Gadgets for Teen Girls

Yes, it’s no surprise teen girls love gadgets. A recent Australian study discovered that over 50 per cent of third and fourth year high school students weren’t getting enough sleep because of playing video games, listening to music on their iPod, watching TV, or chatting on their cell phones.

The trend has no sign of slowing down and below Casceo highlights three of the coolest gadgets we believe teen girls will loose sleep for.


Shutter-Bean Mobile Camera Controller

Shutter-Bean Yellow

Take real-time photography to new heights with this remote control Shutter-Bean for iOS and Android. With Shutter-Bean, solo and group selfies are effortless. Its bluetooth 3.0 functionality acts as a remote control for your smartphone cam, allowing you to snap photos from up to 10-metres away wirelessly. Ideal for both personal gatherings at home and solo treks abroad, the Shutter-Bean is a must-have accessory retailing for $19.99.

Buy Now at

The Siren Ring

The Siren Ring

The Siren Ring is an elegant piece of jewelry that also acts as a personal safety device. With one twist of the gemstone, this ring emits an extremely loud and startling alarm. The Siren Ring features a 110-decibel alarm designed to frighten your attacker and can be heard from 50 feet away, offering you a quick chance to escape and alert others. The Siren Ring is available in both gold and silver, with three different gorgeous gemstone choices: aventurine, carnelian, and labradorite.

The Siren Ring retails for $249.00 on the official Siren Ring website.

Buy Now

LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer

LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer

Meet your smartphone’s new BFF, the LG Pocket Photo Printer. Here you can edit photos using fun frames and filters with the Pocket Photo App. All you have to do is send the Pocket Photo Printer via bluetooth and voila — your favourite pictures are printed and are ready to go. No ink cartridges are required as the Pocket Photo Printer uses Zink photo paper 2.0 to print out high-quality images. The LG PD233 Pocket Photo Printer retails for $159.99 and is available on the official Frys website.

Buy Now


From selfie kits to siren rings to new pocket photo-printing smartphone BFFs, Caseco highlights our favourite gadgets we believe every teen girl should own. If you feel we missed out on your favourite teen gadget, leave a comment below or on our Facebook fan page.

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5 Useful Smartphone Apps You’re Probably Not Using But Should

Did you know? smartphone users spend an average 86% of their smartphone usage operating mobile apps. And out of the average 86%, the majority of user time spent was on connecting to applications like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You know, the usual suspects… And beyond your popular go-to applications (believe it or not), lay other possibilities: Caseco highlights our favourite five.

Ready? Let’s go…

CamDictionary On iTunes and Google Play

CamDictionary App

Never find yourself lost in translation with CamDictionary, a translating app that helps you translate foreign text with your mobile camera.

Its easy-to-use functionality allows you to hover your camera over any text for translation of up to 37 different languages. For those who love to type, simply type in any compatible text to receive instant translation as well.

CamDictionary features English; Chinese; French; German; Japanese; Korean to just to name a few languages and retails for $4.99 on iTunes.

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Evernote Food

EverNote Food App

If you’re a foodie, you’re going to love this food app. Evernote Food is a dynamic journal-style application that allows you to explore and save new recipes, discover new restaurants, and log favourite dining experiences. Better yet, Evernote Food intuitively suggests what you can eat and how much for health-conscious individuals. The Evernote Food app is free and available on iTunes

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

ANA Takeoff Mode

ANA Takeoff Mode App

If you’re one of the 72% of U.S airline passengers who experience anxiety when flying, download the ANA Takeoff Mode app. Why? ANA Takeoff Mode helps you shift your attention away from flying; making your flying experience that much more tolerable. The simple yet attention-absorbing game also features soothing music to ease your nerves. The ANA Takeoff Mode app is available on iTunes.

Download on iTunes

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard App

Improve your typing speed with Fleksy, the ‘world’s fastest keyboard.’ The Fleksy Keyboard makes typing a breeze, featuring a must-experience auto correct and speedy swiping gesture functionality; helping you correct, delete, and find the right words.

Fleksy also allows you to customize the keyboard according to your fingers and comfort. The app also offers tons of colourful themes, GIFS, and emojis. The Fleksy Keyboard app is available for $0.99 at iTunes and Google Play.

Download on iTunes
Download on Google Play

Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera App

No longer will vertical videos be a pain in the neck to watch. The Horizon Camera app allows you to shoot landscape-style videos regardless of angle filmed. It works in conjunction with your device’s gyroscope to auto-level videos; keeping a horizontal focus while filming and watching.

The Horizon app is available for $2.29 on iTunes and Google Play.


And there you have it folks: five useful smartphone apps that you’re probably not using but should. If you think you can beat our top five, send us a message below, we’re always looking for new and cool prospects.

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5 Ridiculously Off-beat iPhone Cases

Please by all means! Thank Caseco for this ridiculously-wicked post and forget science – the stronghold for all things innovative — for one brief moment because today! Today ladies and gentlemen we feature 5 ridiculously-offbeat iPhone cases.

The White Breast iPhone Case

blog-breastMeet Breastie. Breastie is anone-breasted-silhouette smartphone case for iPhone made to help support breast cancer research. Its goal: to help the Saving Breasts website reach over $100, 000 in sales; funding the fight against breast cancer. TheBreastie iPhone case is available in pink, black, and white and currently retails for $14 at Saving Breasts.

The Ear iPhone Case

blog-earBased out of the United Kingdom (UK), this hilariously-modeled ear case for iPhone helps locals habitually poke fun at Prince Charles, or you-know-who. Yes, its main functionality is to act as a smartphone holder; however, its rubber silicon body also acts as a ridiculously-offbeat iPhone case; protecting your beloved iPhone from unwanted bumps and scratches. Find more information at
Thumbs Up World.

Monster Fur iPhone Case

blog-furFeaturing the Monster Fur Cover for iPhone, a snap-on hardcover case decked out with fuzz fur. Clearly, its face flaunts hard-to-miss novelty fur; taking winter protection to a whole other level. For more information visit

Gun Grip iPhone Case

blog-gunJapan Trend Shop features the Gun Grip iPhone Case. This fully-charged iPhone case features a free digital Russian rouletteapp for iPhone; letting you play anytime, anywhere – perfect for parties or poker gatherings. The Gun Grip iPhone Case is available at
the official Japan Trends Shop website .

Flip Flop iPhone Case

blog-flipflopIncredible Things features the-ever-so-quirky Flip Flop case for iPhone, a whimsical iPhone case sure to bring you and your friends an easy smile while on vacation. It’s currently available in blue, yellow, pink, green, red, grey, and black and retails for $10. For more information,
visit the official Incredible Things website.


Impressive and ridiculously quirky, these five smartphone cases for iPhone definitely go above and beyond the norm. If you happen to stroll along the off-beat path and know more ridiculously offbeat iPhone cases, leave a comment and link below, we’d love to see more! Until next post!

Recommended Mobile Accessories

5 OMG-Mobile Tech Accessories For Pets

Hey, you’re not the only one who wants to get their paws on the latest-and-greatest mobile tech accessories. Remember, the pet industry is a multi-billion dollar business; an industry expected to reach almost $60 billion in the US alone this year! It only makes sense to marry our love for tech with our love for our furry friends. And cue in the Caseco list of useful pet-forward gadgets…

Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker

Tagg GPS Plus Pet TrackerKeep your pet safe from dangerous territory with Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker. Tagg introduces an award-winning GPS collar attachment that instantly keeps tabs on your pet; sending you push notifications via text message or email after your fuzzy creature strays from its safe zone. Better yet, Tagg will then conveniently direct you to you-know-who’s exact location. The Tagg GPS Plus Pet Tracker is currently going for $119.95 with the first 2 months of Tagg service free. After that, it goes for as low as $7.95 per month. Check out their site for more info!

Go-Go Dog Pals

Go-Go Dog PalsFree your pooch from boredom with Go-Go Dog Pal, an interactive remote controlled device engineered to look like a real life groundhog, skunk, or raccoon. Go-Go Dog Pal will definitely keep man’s best friend highly entertained and physically fit — perfect for days when you just want to lounge — controlling everything from your fingertips. Sturdy and durable, the Go-Go Dog Pal can reach a maximum speed of up to 22 mph. It’s currently priced at $229.99 on

National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera

National Geographic Pet’s Eye View CameraEver wonder what sort of trouble your pet gets into while you’re away? With National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera, you can finally take a glimpse into their life through their eyes. Lightweight and convenient, The National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera clips onto your animal’s collar. It currently takes 640×480 photos at an auto-interval setting of 1, 5, or 15 minutes. The camera stores up to 40 photos and comes with a USB cable. The National Geographic Pet’s Eye View Camera is priced at $35.95 and available from

PetCube Camera

PetCube CameraFeel guilty about leaving “Spot” at home while you work and play? PetCube is the most interactive pet accessory to use while away from your beloved fur baby. Thiscutting-edgegadget features a call-home option which enables you to see, communicate, and play with your pet from remote locations. The PetCube camera also features a built-in laser game which synchs in with your smartphone; letting you control and play with your pet on command. PetCube also has an amazing community where members can share pet photos along with the option to play with other community member pets. The PetCube Camera retails for $199.00 on the official PetCube website,

Silver Tails Infared Massager

Silver Tails Infared MassagerAhh… The perfect gift to pamper a dear senior pet. Yes, it’s no surprise aging pets will love Silver Tails’ double-headed heating massager — perfect for soothing sore joints and muscles while relieving stiffness and pain — a perfect item to help comfort animals suffering from arthritis or to aid in healing injury. Silver Tails Infared Massager is lightweight and cordless with a rechargeable battery. This massager retails for $39.99 and is available from


And there you have it friends, Caseco’s top 5 OMG pet tech accessories on the market today. If you think we missed out on your favorite pet tech accessory, leave a comment below right “meow,” we’d love to hear what you have to say. Until next post!

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