Caseco Introduces Shock Express Metallic Series for Samsung Galaxy S7: Cases, Accessories, Chargers and more

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Caseco Shock Express Metallic Series for the Samsung Galaxy S7 are Toronto-based mobile accessory firm Caseco’s latest offering. Featuring a stylish metallic finish and shock-proof drop-proof dual layered construction for added durability, this case is nearly unbreakable.

(Toronto ON, February 22nd, 2015)—Caseco announced Shock Express Metallic Series cases, accessories, chargers, and more for the impressive Samsung Galaxy S7 immediately following the announcement of both devices at SAMSUNG Galaxy Unpacked 2016. Caseco’s new Shock Express Metallic Series along with the accessories and chargers offer a full range of protective and stylish options for each individual’s personal style while ensuring Samsung Galaxy S7 device compatibility.

Caseco introduces the new Shock Express Metallic Series for the Galaxy S7. This case is designed with serious protection in mind with a savvy dual-layer construction for added durability. The Shock Express Series Galaxy S7 case is actually in step with military-grade levels of protection making it not only drop-proof but also shock-proof. “It meets MIL-STD 810G, which means it can withstand the kind of shocks that someone in the armed services might put the case through during typical use,” says Caseco CEO, Jay Rahman. “The outer shell is nearly unbreakable; it doesn’t get much more reassuring than that.”

Much like Caseco’s previous Shock Express cases, the new Galaxy S7 Shock Express Metallic Series contains essential shock absorption, protecting your phone from the most jarring of bumps with the soft inner rubber layer. The Galaxy S7 Shock Express Metallic Series cases also come with a built in sound enhancer which points your phone’s sound directly towards you, so you never need to cup your hand around the speaker again. The ergonomic design of this case not only offers the ease of accessible buttons, but also features perfectly molded studded grips on both sides of the case, ensuring you have a firm hold on your phone at all times.

The Shock Express Metallic Series for Samsung Galaxy S7 comes in four colors and will be on and in select retailers starting March 14, 2016.

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More than a brand, designed for life.

Founded by a team of successful mobile phone accessory industry veterans, Caseco is a leading Canadian manufacturer of innovative products designed to enhance popular mobile phones, tablets, and wireless devices. Caseco products are designed and engineered to meet the real-world needs of today’s demanding mobile users, delivering superior performance, trend-setting styling, higher manufactured quality — and far greater value.

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Caseco Blu-Toque Bluetooth Beanie Review

Caseco Blu-Toque Bluetooth Beanie provides warmth and music on cold winter nights.

I love music. I try to take some with me everywhere I go, and it’s actually kind of rare that you don’t see me with headphones on in some form. This is the one time of year this lifestyle sort of falls short – the winter. In my part of the world, when it gets cold – it gets really cold. So, it’s hard to go out and about without covering my ears and head. Fortunately, Caseco designs a form of Bluetooth headphones that are safely concealed inside a sock hat-beanie. Honestly, when I got the chance to review it I thought, “Review a beanie…what?” Then I found it was no ordinary beanie.

Caseco Beanie

Caseco makes products that are ‘designed for life’ and made to ‘fit your lifestyle and meet the demands of your busy workday.’ And as such, they have an entire line of Bluetooth Beanies available to keep you enjoying your music, while also keeping your head and ears warm. Caseco has a unique way of delivering music to you with their built-in earphones, Bluetooth technology, and even a microphone so you can accept phone calls without removing the hat. The electronics are completely removable so that you can clean the fabric of the hat without damaging the unique nature of the Bluetooth Beanie.

Caseco actually has more than 60 styles of Bluetooth Beanies. I tested the Relaxed Chunky Cuff Blu-Toque beanie in gray. The style is very sleek and smooth, and looks like a standard beanie. The Blu-Toque beanie is universal and works with any Bluetooth device – not just your phone. The knit is made from a synthetic wool and certainly keeps you warm. The beanie charges in about 2 hours and gives you approximately 6 hours of music time.

Blu-Toque_2Caseco Bluetooth Beanie

The Blu-Toque beanie has really been a great addition to my winter weather gear this season. It connected to my phone easily and provided a excellent sound. The one thing I don’t like about this Bluetooth beanie is the cable that connects the two speakers together inside the hat. The cable is supposed to be hidden under the fold of the beanie and you can easily keep it hidden by keeping the cable under the flap, but this limits how stretchable the beanie is on your mind cap. So I’ve found, and maybe this is how it’s suppose to be, that if you pull the cable out and let it hang freely, not hidden, then you can stretch the fabric and adjust the beanie as you need. The downside there is that now the cable is visible. To me, it’s not a deal breaker though.
The Blu-Toque Bluetooth Beanie is a very nice option for listening to music on the go in the cold. It’s got a premium sound and does a great job keeping your head and ears warm.

For more information, visit Caseco Bluetooth Beanie
Find Caseco on Facebook and Twitter.

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Mountie: The World’s Smallest Car Vent Mount

Mountie X Steelie X Kenu Airframe+

The Mountie is the world’s smallest car vent mount; measuring at 2 centimeters in height and 3.5 centimeters in length. The Mountie itself is made from high-grade plastic with a rubberized coating, while a 3M adhesive holds a metal ring onto the back of the user’s device, and a powerful permanent magnet on the Mountie is used to attach to or detach the user’s device. The metal ring adds almost no bulk, so your phone still slips in and out of your pocket with ease. The simple mechanism in the Mountie allows for a full 360 rotation in both vertical or horizontal views.

Mountie Caseco’s CEO, Jay Rahman states: “We believe design is everything. Unfortunately, when it comes to car vent mounts we found that a lot of the vent mounts today are too big and take up a lot of space in an already compact are. We knew that we could design something better. So we did and made the smallest car vent mount that delivers the same functionality for our loyal fans.” The Mountie will hold any device up to 1.3 lbs, and is popular among drivers and people who want to keep their Smartphone nearby as well as those who have limited dashboard space — an advantage for users who use their GPS while driving.
Only $24.99 with free shipping to Canada and The USA for a promotional time. Visit Caseco today!

Why Use Caseco Mountie
World’s Smallest Vent Car Mount
360° Rotation
Effortlessly transferable from car to car
Lightweight, easy to carry and great for everyday usage
Great for navigation, helping drivers to keep eyes on the road
Install in seconds

Christmas Apps to get you in the Spirit!

There’s an app for just about everything these days – including Christmas.
Screen shot 2015-12-08 at 1.59.09 PM
There’s a popular app that turns your family and friends into goofy looking elves complete with a hilarious video of them dancing that you can share with the world. There’s even an app that allows your children to track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. We have rounded up some of the best Christmas apps to get you into the Christmas spirit.

Google Santa Tracker (Free)

Google’s Santa Tracker is much more than your average tracker, you can use the app everyday during the weeks leading up to christmas as a hub for festive activities. Called Santa’s Village, you can test the weather conditions with Rudolph, help the elves prep and learn about holiday traditions like kallikantzari–little creatures that eat Christmas cookies.

NORAD Tracks Santa (Free)


Use this app to follow and track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. The app teaches you about the NORAD program and its mission, you can also play the Thin Ice game where you help Santa’s elves deliver presents.

The Elf Adventure: A Christmas Story for Kids ($0.99)

This popular app is an advent calendar, Christmas countdown clock and a storybook-game in which you help the elves save Christmas. There are 24 episodes and a new game to play everyday.

Elf Yourself (Free)


By now this app has become a Christmas classic, with new features and dances added every year. You upload up to five photos of yourself, family and friends then select a dance theme and it generates a video featuring your photos superimposed onto holiday dancing elves.

Talking Santa (Free)


This app is pretty straightforward; speak into your device’s microphone and Santa repeats your words, includes other characters like the talking tom and friends and you can even create 3D video greetings and Christmas cards.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas ($3.99)


This interactive book app gives you three options: Read it Myself, Read to Me, or Auto Play. All options come with highlighted narration and include sounds and images from the animated classic.



As relative new kid on the block, Caseco is working its way into the wireless market. A Canadian brand, the company has a fully-developed line that ranges from protective smartphone cases, to portable chargers. Here, we take a look at the Shock Express case, and the new PowerBox Universal backup battery charger.

Caseco Shock Express Case

Available for the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 4, and 4s, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S4 Mini, I tried a version of this case for the iPhone 4s.

It’s a dual-layered smartphone cover that’s finished in soft rubber on the inside to protect the phone from shock, and has a solid outer shell to protect from impact and scratches. It is also slip-resistant, thanks to raised bumps on either side.

In the package along with the case is a screen protector, easily applied using the included applicator to help smooth it out. (I opted not to install it, however, since I already have a tempered glass screen protector on my device.) There’s also a tiny cleaning cloth for wiping away pesky smudges.


The case comes in seven colours, including basic black and white. The turquoise/blue shade depicted here adds a nice pop of colour to the back of the phone, with the Caseco logo featured prominently in the bottom, right corner.

The case adds minimal bulk to the phone, but offers nice, rounded edges, and a slightly raised surrounding lip at the front to help protect the screen in the event of a face-first fall. While the raised bumps run along the sides, the back is a glossy material. The headphone jack, side function button, charging port, and camera lens are all left open for easy access, while the power button and volume up/down are covered with raised rubber. This is just as easy to depress, though, not impacting use of the device at all.

Priced at $30, the Shock Express case is fairly good value for what it is, which is a simple case that offers a level of protection for your device. It’s not the most fashionable, nor the most rugged. But it’s a viable solution for the price.

Caseco PowerBox Universal Backup Battery Charger

The small, rectangular, cube-shaped PowerBox Universal charger is meant for emergency backup power while on the go. It’s a 2,600 mAh charger, which means it can charge virtually any portable device, including tablets, at full speed.

It comes with a USB cable for charging via connection to a computer or USB wall outlet; but also has a USB out port, for reversing the cable, and charging up a microUSB-based portable device. Apple devices can be charged using their own cables. Either way, you must have a cable with you in order to use the PowerBox.

As the device is charging, its LED illuminates red to indicate that the battery is not full just yet. Once it reaches full charge, the light goes off. The included warranty card suggests charging for at least five hours before the first use, though subsequent charges take far less time. So I did just this.


Once it’s fully charged, keep the PowerBox in your pocket, purse, backpack, or briefcase, then pull it out, along with the cable, whenever your device’s battery is running low. Plug it in, and it will light up blue to indicate charging as your phone or tablet fills back up with juice.

As with other portable chargers that aren’t built into cases or plug directly into a phone’s charging port, you’d need to hold the PowerBox in your hand, or lay it on the table, while the phone is plugged in. Or, if your cord allows, keep it in your pocket with the cable running up to your ear if you need to actually make/answer a call.

One gloomy day, I found myself arriving early for a doctor’s appointment, and waiting for more than an hour (as Canadians often do) to get called in. After exhausting all of the old waiting rooms magazines, I found myself e-mailing, social networking, instant messaging, and Web surfing on my phone to pass the time. Not surprisingly, my phone’s battery was at 10% in no time. I popped in the PowerBox, and my phone reached a 60% charge in less than a half an hour.

By my calculation, the PowerBox is good for about one full charge of a device before it needs charging up again. So while it does charge your devices rapidly, it also depletes its own battery just as rapidly. That said, in most cases, just one extra boost is all you’ll need.

The PowerBox comes in five colours, and sells for $40. It’s a fairly affordable option when it comes to portable power. And the design is nice enough that it will appeal to both those who want practicality and an attractive look.

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