Protect your iPhone with the Caseco Screen Patrol Tempered Glass Screen Protector

I love my iPhone. It is like a second head to me with all the appointments and notes I keep in it. The only thing is if you are not careful, you can scratch the screen or worse yet crack it. A cracked screen will cost over $100 to replace. So invest in something to protect your device like a tempered glass screen protector from Caseco.


Screen Patrol is Caseco’s newest offering that is designed to protect you from high-energy blue light. I never knew that there was High-energy blue light and that it causes tired eyes, loss of sleep, and potentially eye damage. Kind of explained why I get sleepy when I am just on my phone working or checking new feeds. See Caseco is teaching us something!


The above photo is everything you receive in the box. It comes with a Alcohol prep pad, cleaning cloth, 2 home buttons, screen, a mini card to help work out air bubbles and instructions. To install was very easy as you just clean the screen with the provided cloth. Pull the backing off the screen without touching it. Align up and press in place. Use the little card to help work out air bubbles if needed.

Foam Sleeve

Let’s talk about the screen. It is 0.33mm thick which gives you a barely-there feel. Also, the screen protector is scratch resisent so if you have it in your purse with your keys, it will not scratch! Ladies, we know all to well how our nails can make scratches in the screens and it is not pretty!

Now, I can tell you for a fact that this screen protector will save your phone!

Protector Damage

You see that crack, if I had not had on the Caseco Screen Protector then that would have been a shattered screen. I was on our deck and kids being kids, they knocked my phone out of my hand. It landed screen down straight on a pile of rocks and needless to say, my heart dropped! But, I am so grateful that I had the screen protector on because it saved my phone!

The Caseco Screen Patrol is very affordable at just $29.95. If you go into a retail store you will pay over $45 for a screen protector and I promise you, it will not hold up to the standards of Caseco.

The one great thing is Caseco can be your one stop shop for all your technology driven needs. They have cases, screen protectors, chargers and so much more for the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Blackberry, Google Nexus and even LG. So head on over and check them out!

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Caseco Shock Express Phone Case for Galaxy Note Edge

christineshockexpressThis phone case is amazing, check out the video and all links are in the description bar..xoxo Can I just tell you this is the most amazing case I have ever had. Don’t buy the cheap but not cheap ones they sell you at the cell phone store! Shop for all your cell phone needs. Watch the videos for specifics on this case, you will be amazed!

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TuneZip Review

tzvictor2Earbuds are meant to deliver audio in an accurate, and supposedly a portable way. Most companies tend to focus moreover on audio rather than portability, but a Canadian company known as Caseco is here to change things with their new earbuds, the Caseco TuneZip. The name of these earbuds describe their unique functionality, which is being able to zip up the two cables, providing astonishing portability. Furthermore, the cable of these earbuds are engineered to provide you with a tangle free experience. I mean, I literally had these earbuds sitting in my pockets for hours, and when I was ready to use them, they still weren’t tangled. Moving on, the TuneZip provides an enjoyable listening experience with great comfort. In addition, the built-in volume slider is very distinct. Instead of adjusting the volume from your phone, it’s instead adjusted from the ear-buds themselves, meaning it will work every time. In conclusion this is a great pair of earbuds compared to some of the higher end competitors.

Caseco on CTV Morning News

Tech blogger Erin Lawrence ( has appeared on CTV Calgary’s Tech Talk to show off our ID Wallet case!

From Erin’s blog:

I love featuring Canadian companies whenever possible. I was recently contacted by Caseco and they let me now about some of their versatile and beautiful leather-look exterior, suede interior cases. I liked the ID Wallet case, with small window and mirror. Chic and handy. When the folio cover is closed, the phone can be unlocked to show time or screen calls through the window, and when dark, the window can be used as a mirror.

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The Perfect iPhone Car Accessories? CaseCo Core 360 & Power Beacon Review

Tech reviewer Mobile Reviews Eh has done a great review of our Core 360! From the article:

Today we’re going to review two car accessories made by CaseCo. A minimalistic car mount and a portable battery pack that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. If you’ve been watching our channel for the last while, you’ll know that CaseCo sent us a big box of stuff and we’ve been pretty impressed with their products.

The car mount, the Core 360 is quite unique and offers a car mounting solution with minimal bulk. There are a couple of things that you’re going to have to deal with but generally it works really well and the Power Beacon, a portable charing/battery pack is actually quite useful and would be a perfect gift for any road warrior. Both of these accessories would be perfect for any road warrior.

Based on our time with these accessories, we give them two thumbs up. We’d give them number ratings but since we don’t have a baseline for car mounts and external battery packs yet, we’re just going to stick with our thumbs up rating system.


Cantech Letter covers Blu-Toque

Well, we seem to be making quite the headlines! From the article:

“With wearable tech creating a lot of buzz these days, there will likely be no more quintessentially Canadian product on display than the Blu-Toque. Yes, it’s a bluetooth enabled toque, made by Toronto’s Caseco. One of the problems with wearable tech is that while the devices offer cool features, for the most part they look (and there is no charitable way to say this) stupid. … Toques, on the other hand, are absolutely wearable. And no one will look twice at you for appearing to be some kind of cyborg-in-waiting.”

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