Searching for the Coolest Gadget Gift this Season? Blu-Toques: The Ultimate Gift for Every Gadget Guru!

Skip to 3:10 to see the Blu-Toque on Global News!

The downside to the growing obsession with gadgets is that the holiday season is getting a lot more expensive. So how can you still buy the tech gifts you know your friend or loved one wants, without breaking your budget? Introducing Caseco’s Blu-Toque, the hottest newest tech gadget that doesn’t require you taking out a loan.

Elf Blu-Toque (Dark Gray)Acme Blu-Toque (Pink)Dare to Glare Blu-Toque (Neon)Lilly Blu-Toque

Caseco Blu-toques were recently featured on Global News: Tech Talk as one of the coolest gadgets to have this holiday season. Wireless freedom at its greatest, we’ve combined the must have beanies/toques of the season with Bluetooth technology allowing you the freedom to stay connected while out in the cold without the wires. Whether you are taking the dog for a walk, enjoying a run or even shoveling the snow, enjoy the comfort of listening to music hands-free, no more scrambling for your phone or taking off your gloves just to answer a call, the possibilities are endless.

For under $50, you can now give the gadget guru in your life something they will thoroughly enjoy. Gadget gurus come in all different forms; he learns how to optimize tablets on his lunch break, she fixes your smartphone but can tell you why hers is better, they can recite the specs of your headphones, laptop and ipad to you on cue. And now, you know just what to get them.


**featured in the video is The Boho Slouchy Blu-toque in white and The Everyday Relaxed Blu-toque in black**