Core 360 Review

taiga_core360_4This is the the Caseco Core 360. They claim that it’s the smallest car mount but I will get into that later.

They came nicely packaged and it was also presented nicely. Inside the flap, there’s few features listed like 360 degrees joint and removable adhesive. Anyways, when you open the box, you are greeted with the user manual. Inside, it shows you the steps to install the car mount. But you don’t really need it since you just need common sense to install the car mount

Also they include two metal rings, which will be attached to the back of your phone, and they include an extra adhesive for the car mount itself.

taiga_core360_2Taking a look at the car mount, it’s extremely tiny. Compared to my palm, it really looks miniscule. They say that it’s the world’s smallest car mount and I don’t see why not it wouldn’t. But it’s built like a tank. It’s made completely out of metal and there is no cheap plastic to be seen. So it actually feels quite dense weighing at 18 grams.

taiga_core360_1So the way you attach it to your phone is by using neodymium magnets which is the metal rings. They include two, like I said before so you will have an extra one to use it later You simply peel off the paper cover on the metal plate and you stick it on to your phone or your case. I recommend doing it on the case, since it might damage your phone even though when you peel it off, it leaves no residue.

Then you simply just attach it to the corresponding part on the car mount.

They hold to each other extremely well. Even shaking the car mount won’t do anything to the phone whatsoever. They claim that they can be used with any device up to 1.3 pounds and that technically means you can even use it for your iPad.

taiga_core360_3The car mount is also rotatable full 360 degrees which is really awesome. You can position this in your car anyway you want, which I think is really useful and it’s one of the features that makes it stand out compared to the rest.

After that, you just remove the red plastic tab covering on the Core 360 adhesive backing. Then by holding it down for a few seconds, you just attach that to any place you desire. That’s basically it! It’s a really hassle free process like other car mounts

Also, you can remove the car mount and reuse it for a few more times before having to replace the adhesive, which is also a cool neat feature.

I don’t really drive yet, so it will be mainly used for my dad, but he says that it is really useful when you are driving since you can do hands free call, look at the map and so much more.

So, I actually had no complaints on this whatsoever, but it’s probably because it’s just a car mount. I mean, what can be a major drawback. Anyways, this product was actually really awesome.